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San Pasqual Valley Herding Club 

San Pasqual Valley Herding Club offers three specific member base awards during three of the four trials we host through the year, Chet Baker Award, High Combined Scoring Cattle Dog, and the Signature Chair Prize.


We also let our club members put together Breed Specific Awards to hand out at trials. If you are thinking of contributing a breed specific award for any trial, please contact Steve Kilgore, Club Secretary for any information needed.

Chet Backus Award

Chet was a beloved friend and active club member in the early development of SPVHC.  His Belgian Malinois “Jammer” was the most titled Malinois in the country, achieving Advanced degrees in Obedience, Agility and Conformation; however, Chet’s love was Herding.  


He breezed through the levels of competition but struggled when it came to Championship points. He would come back from herding trials, cursing the Border Collies preventing him from getting the much needed first place or points.  


He competed in an AKC trial in Murrieta and I received an ecstatic phone call at the conclusion“We beat the F****** Border Collies”   thereby attaining his Herding Championship!Shortly thereafter, Chet was found dead in his home, an apparent heart attack.  The grief among his friends and club members was profound.I wanted an award that was special to him so Chet Backus Memorial Perpetual Trophy was created.  It goes to the High Combined NON Border Collie, as Chet would have approved.

Rita Favreau Award

Rita was an active member in both SPVHC and ACDGLA.  She served as trial secretary for both clubs; her husband Larry was always actively helping at trials wherever needed. They were long time breeders of Australian Cattle Dogs, putting multiple titles on many of her dogsRita did have a history of health challenges but she persevered to the end.  We give the Rita Favreau Award to the High Combined Cattle dog in her honor

Signature Chair Award

Our Chair Award came about for one major reason, SPVHC board members did not want the sport of herding to die. They came up with the idea to celebrate handlers who left their home trialing area and go trial at other locations. 


This award is a year long process of collecting qualifying and non-qualifying points and trialing at least at one other location during the trialing year. 

This award is presented at the November Fowl Wether Trial at the end of the SPVHC trial season. You are competing against other handlers, the person with the most total points wins the chair.


If you are interested in competing, download the rules and spreadsheet needed to track your points. 

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