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The Origins Of The San Pasqual Valley Herding Club


Since 1985 the San Pasqual Valley Herding Club has organized and hosted clinics by many internationally recognized herding judges, trainers and National and International Supreme winners that have greatly benefited the local herding community.

Such herding “giants” as John Templeton, Jack Knox, Ralph Polfer, Bruce Fogt, and Raymond McPhearson have held clinics for Club members and the local community.

The Club’s training facility has been the destination of many school field trips over the years and children have been able to observe sheep dog demonstrations, wool sheering, cattle round ups, and investigate the herding library maintained on the grounds.

The kitchen and gardens available to SPVHC Club members and other clubs holding events there have been happily utilized for many significant celebrations: herding achievements; birthdays; births, memorials and, well, parties for no good reason…we just like to get together!


1985 – Held the 1st USBCHA Trial in the country, and continue to hold 2 per year, every year.

1987 – Held the 1st American Herding Breed Association trial, and hold at least 3 AHBA trials per year, every year.

1990 – Began holding 3 to 4 AHBA trials per year, every year.

1991- Held 1st Belgian Terv Club National herding specialty.

1992 – Provided venue for 1st AKC herding trial in the country (at the program’s inception) and currently host 3 weekends (6-8 trials) of AKC Breed/Herding club trials per year, ongoing.

1994 – Held 1st GSD National Herding specialty

1997 – 2004 Hosted ASCA trials on cattle, sheep and ducks. 2 per year, every year.

1998 – Began 12 years of hosting the USBCHA Championship trials at the San Diego Scottish Highland Games in Vista, California

2005, 6, & 7 – provided sheep and evaluations for the Wags for Wishes instinct tests for the community, and sheep dog demonstrations at the San Diego Fairgrounds.

2010 – San Pasqual Stockdog Club officially changes its name to San Pasqual Valley Herding Club. 100% membership is retained. Over 50% of the Club’s current membership have been members for over 10 years, reflecting many years of herding experience at a competitive level.

2011 – SPVHC hosts its first AKC trials. January’s Frostbite Trials and July’s 1st annual Siesta Trial. The Siesta Trial is a memorial trial honoring Chet Backus.

2012 – SPVHC’s January Frostbite Trial is the first AKC herding trial at which a Boxer receives an AKC title since the breed was approved to trial by AKC, 1/1/12. SPVHC mentors the Boxer Club of San Fernando Valley’s first AKC herding trial, and the first Boxer only AKC instinct test, in March. The Club begins herding demonstrations again at the San Diego Fair.

2012 - Now: SPVHC still continues to host up to six trials a year with both American Kennel Club and American Herding Breed Association. 

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